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my commitment to 





City revitalization is one of the main planks of my platform.  To meet Ottawa residents’ needs, we need to be proactive in the decision-making processes in order to ensure that investments are made in our aging infrastructure (eg: roadways – lane expansion and pothole maintenance). We must also continue with modernization and energy efficient investments (eg: hybrid city vehicles), while complementing our current infrastructure to ensure that our greenspaces are maintained and protected is also a key part of my platform.



Emergency Services

Investments in our paramedic services is vital so that citizens of this city receive the necessary medical support they need in a timely fashion.  Investing in paramedic services will also reduce and/or eliminate the “Level Zero” incidents (zero ambulances on the road - approximately 400 cases in Ottawa in 2020 alone).


Supporting the Ottawa Police Service is also essential in order to increase the police officers per 100,000 population ratio. We need to invest time and effort to rebuild the necessary bridges between community organizations and law enforcement groups so that we may build a better tomorrow.


If elected, I will petition the provincial and federal governments to invest in various programs (eg: addressing mental health, drug addiction) which would serve to bring resources to bear in efforts attenuate the effects of these risk factors before they manifest as calls to 911.

Further, pro-active leadership and investment are needed to alleviate pressure on the healthcare system.

an inclusive city 

Ottawa is a vibrant community with a diverse population. This is a strength we can use to achieve greater prosperity. I will work hard to make sure Ottawa continues to be an inclusive city where everyone can contribute and succeed regardless of race, gender, ability, religion, or other intersectionality.



We owe it to our citizens to create the right conditions where everyone can have an affordable home.  While not an easy goal, we cannot maintain the status quo. That’s why I commit to the following key elements: 


  • Improve the City of Ottawa’s 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan 2020-2030 by recognizing and tailoring solutions that are more responsive and equitable for everyone.

  • To continue prioritizing funding for affordable housing through partnerships with provincial, federal, and other private sector entities. 

post covid economy

We must continue to invest in our local economy, attract new investments, and help our small businesses. If elected Mayor, I will work with city counsellors, local businesses, and other partners to support the post-COVID economic recovery, attracting new investments making Ottawa a major economic and technology hub.


safe & reliable transit

Since 2008, transit fares have increased by 40%, while reliability has deteriorated, and safety has declined. This situation must change now.


One action I would pursue, would be the establishment of a Transit System Review Committee composed of experts to review the city’s existing transit issues with the aim of providing practical recommendations to make our transit system safe, and reliable., and affordable.

The current EquiPass, a monthly adult pass for people living on low income, is still unaffordable for many people. Let’s make it affordable again! In Ottawa, everyone should have access to a safe and affordable transit system. We need to reduce fares and rethink how we deliver transit.

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